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Welcome to Augusta State School

At Augusta we live our mantra of:
Empowered to be my best today.  Inspired to be even better tomorrow!
At Augusta you will hear our students talking about being shining stars with a plan, rising stars and superstars.  These descriptions are part of how our students reflect on their day – their learning, their effort, their goals and themselves. 
Teaching and Learning
Teaching and learning at Augusta is about a personalised, precise curriculum that meets the needs of every student every day.  The meta-analysis work of John Hattie and the school framework model from Crevola and Hill have informed what we do. 
Literacy and numeracy are our core business.  Our school has been designed to maximise learning in the key learning areas of English and Mathematics. 
Students begin the year by learning about how to learn – how their brains work, their preferred learning styles and how reflect on their learning.  These skills and knowledge will permeate what we do at Augusta.  Students have been using deBono’s Thinking Hats to ask questions, mind maps to demonstrate their thinking and their connections, and a brag book to share their new found knowledge. Students set personal goals about their learning and about their behaviour.  We believe that empowering students to be an active part of planning and assessing their learning through the use of our learning ladders.  Persistent goal setting inspires children to continue to grow and achieve – ‘to be the best me they can be’.
Teaching and learning is informed by content descriptors from ACARA and QCAR.  You will hear about ‘Learning Intentions’ and ‘Success Criteria’.  Providing this explicit information to students prior to a lesson enables them to tune in and link to what they know.  They also know what is expected of them in a lesson. 

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