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Before our prep year starts here are a few things you can do with your child to help prepare them including:
encourage your child to develop helpful habits such as: sharing, putting things away, dressing themselves (particularly shoes and socks), doing simple jobs and listening to and following instructions;
create opportunities for them to share and play with others;
practice opening and closing their drink bottles and lunchboxes;
read them a lot of stories, every day;
encourage them to write their name as shown on their name card (provided at Prep interview);
give them plenty of opportunities to talk, ask questions and share their knowledge;
play lots of games with numbers, colours and letters;
practice cutting, colouring and pasting;
help them to learn their birthday date and their parents’ names;
give them time away from their parents/carers for short periods of time;
practice greeting teachers and friends by name;
allow periods of time for them to play by themselves, for example completing a puzzle;
ensure they can use a toilet by themselves;
practice independently packing their school bag;
encourage hand washing after toileting.
 talk with your child.