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Reading Everyday

The teaching and learning of reading is based on four components – comprehension (understanding what we read), accuracy (reading the words accurately), fluency (reading with expression), and expanding vocabulary (understanding and using new words). At Augusta we recognise the need for personalised and targeted reading instruction. Students use reading ladders to reflect on their current reading abilities and to identify the next steps for improvement. Teachers, students and parents work collaboratively towards setting and achieving reading goals in areas of comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary.
The teaching of reading at Augusta is a consistent whole school approach. Goal setting with our reading ladders and explicit teaching in the four areas of reading is at the heart of all classrooms from Prep to senior school. In the junior years, reading instruction has a focus on developing oral language skills and reading words accurately. As we move into the upper primary levels, students build upon these foundation skills to understand what they read, read fluently, and use and understand new vocabulary.
Every day students participate in a range of reading instruction. This includes whole class explicit teaching, small group focus lessons and independent learning. Students have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with their teacher to receive feedback, establish reading goals, and make a plan for next steps of learning.
Resources are deliberately and carefully selected to support reading instruction across and within year levels. Students have access to high quality, engaging and age-appropriate texts that are purposefully chosen to support the needs of individuals as readers. Subscriptions to online resources, such as Reading Eggs and Scholastic Lexiles, as well as the use of home readers, allow students to consolidate and practice essential literacy skills at school and at home.